Chatbot FAQ

More frequently asked questions about our chatbot creation solution


We are constantly striving to simplify our chatbot solution so that you can be autonomous in its use, but we can fully demonstrate it. We invite you to contact us via support-selfservice@dydu.ai in in order to set up this demonstration.

Our solution was created from the outset to be used by people who master the content and can directly feed the knowledge base without technical expertise.

Specific marginal points may require the intervention of a more technical profile when it is necessary in particular to interface with external services, but this remains at the margin.

The duration of setting up a chatbot depends on 2 main factors

  • The constitution of the knowledge base
  • The integration of the chatbot on your site or its connection to your messaging system

The longest is the constitution of knowledge base, it can take several weeks if you are starting from scratch. On the other hand, if you use a pre-existing model, this can drastically reduce the time required to set up the chatbot.

The dydu solution natively manages ten languages, but in “self-service” mode only French and English are available for the moment. Languages ​​are facets of your bot, so you can simultaneously manage the different languages ​​supported by your bot while having a common knowledge base structure and consolidated analytics.

We support some of our customers if they need it, we can also direct you to partners who can provide this support. We invite you to contact us via support-selfservice@dydu.ai in order to refine your needs.


You can consult the price list once connected to the solution via themenu Subscription/Invoicing

You are not committed for the duration, you can cancel at any time, only the current month will be due.