dydu software

The solution to create your chatbot !

Do you receive recurring requests from your clients or from your employees ? Are they often the same questions and this is time consuming?

Set up a chatbot to respond automatically and allow you to focus on requests with higher added value.

Strengths of our chatbot solution

Our solution allows you to manage all the stages of the life cycle of your chatbot

Dialog engine

A dialog engine and natural language processing are essential to bring a bot to life.

  • Proprietary NLP
  • Contextual decision trees
  • Web services consumption
  • Multilingual


Your chatbot must be available to your users where they need to be, which is why we offer several integrations.

  • Web chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Facebook Messenger


Your chatbot will live, you must be able to follow it and make it evolve.

  • Conversation history and enrichment of the knowledge base from them
  • Complete and detailed statistical monitoring (volume, themes, qualification, satisfaction, etc.)